Black Coffee
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The Short Film
Synopsis and Credits

Black Coffee is a heartfelt short film starring Charlotte Williams and Tony DeCarlo. It is directed by Vito Lyles and written, cast, and produced by Deanna Alisa Ableser.

Black Coffee is about connections, desire, and being the person we truly want to be. We have all had those dreams, those 'what-ifs', those 'if-only' moments. Black Coffee takes all of that and places it into reality. Alice, a young African-American woman, walks into a coffee shop and runs into Matt, an older and sexier Caucasian man. She stops him right away in his tracks by stating, "It's killing me not to be kissing you right now." Matt, unsure of what he just heard, engages in an empathetic conversation with Alice about life, love, daring, connections, and of course, coffee.

The short film ends where it began: with a desire to further connect with another human being on this planet; a desire every single one of us can identify with on some level.

Black Coffee isn't fancy.  Its coffee is black, plain without sugar, no Frappa Whatchas. But the coffee satisfies and nurtures, without any calories, and Alice and Matt are left in a new place in their 'connection'. As Alice takes her 'calculated risk', Matt engages, perhaps more than he has in a long time and his recollection of a tender childhood opens up his heart and finds space.



Matt: Tony DeCarlo

Alice: Charlotte Williams

Man on Laptop: Kenneth A. Jaffe

Man on Phone: Brad K. Croft


Producer: Deanna Alisa Ableser

Director: Vito Lyles

Writer: Deanna Alisa Ableser

Casting Director: Deanna Alisa Ableser

Director of Photography: Nick Sherman

Editor: Hunter Lopp

Music: Hunter Lopp

Acting Coach: Deanna Alisa Ableser

Sound Designer/Mixer: Colette Grob

Gaffer: Zayd Ezzeldine

Assistant Camera: Ryan Robinson

Boom Operator: Ethan Lee

Grip: Brad K. Croft

Website Designer: Deanna Alisa Ableser

Social Media: Andy Canales and Cristian Castillo

Poster Design: Andy Caneles

Production Design: Deanna Alisa Ableser, Lora Ackermann, Darrell Hollinquest, and Vito Lyles

Special Thanks to: Grace Ableser-Jaffe, Kenneth Jaffe, Lucy Ableser and Bella the Wonder Dog (with a special performance by Sloth-E)


* Silver Award (Independent Shorts)

*Award Winner (Southern Shorts)

* Finalist (Triumphant Film Series)

*Finalist (Indie Short Fest)

*Venice Film Awards (Awarded Best Comedy, Best Original Screenplay, and Honorable Mention for Best Actress)



*Oregon Short Film Festival (Nominated for Best Original Concept)


* We Make Movies International Film Festival

*International Shorts

* New York Lift-Off Festival

*SHORT to the Point

*New Cinema- Lisbon

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